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Thanks for visiting and please leave any suggestions for additions to the library in the comments.  Visitors are also welcome to my blog, Wit's End, where I write (mostly) about trees dying from ozone pollution.  There are links at the top to radio interviews I have done on this topic, and many links to scientific research.  You can download my book for free - Pillage, Plunder & Pollute, LLC - or read a more recent update at a guest post for Greg Laden's Science Blog, Whispers of the Ghosting Trees.  If you have any questions, email me at witsendnj at yahoo dot com.

Have a wonderful time rummaging around!!

Gail Zawacki


  1. Great site, Gail. Excellent collection, too. I have not seen a similar and more compendious list anywhere.

    Please allow me to suggest my own upcoming YA fantasy, POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD, due out next month with Green Writers Press.

    From the catalog copy: "Set in a much-diminished America called the Christian Protectorates, a poor country ravaged by coastal flooding, drought, and catastrophic social upheaval, the novel features 15-year-old Polly Lightfoot, a maiden witch of deep heritage and tender ability in the craft. When her identity is exposed, Polly is forced to flee New Florida, where she has taken refuge from a military purge of the country's infidels, pagans, and followers of false creeds. With the help of her steadfast familiar, a raven named Balthazar, and her brave teenage companion, Leon, Polly undertakes a harrowing journey from the troubled south to the wild north to rejoin her people in Vermont and save her ancient craft from obliteration."


  2. Gail,
    I recommend two books for your compendium by Stephen Baxter: "Flood" and its sequel "Ark". Very compelling fictional tale of sea-level rise, climate refugees, and the attempt to get off of the Earth to find a new place to live. Great apocolypsi science fiction.

    1. Thank you! I have such a backlog of updating to do...will try to catch up!

  3. Because you have this:
    Scientific American article, Humankind's Enduring Fascination with the Apocalypse
    The so-called Mayan apocalypse is just the latest in a long line of doomsday predictions

    I think you should add this:
    Sunday, July 26, 2015
    The Gift of the Maya

    1. Well, since you have, I won't. It's full of WooWoo bullshit. "Why would they cut down the forest that was their garden?" Because they're stupid, like all other humans since the beginning of time up to the present day.

      "we know that improved agricultural and forestry practices can sequester on the order of 10 GtC annually, and could return the atmosphere and oceans to pre-industrial greenhouse chemistries (250 ppmv CO2e) by 2100 if scaled rapidly." - except the trees around the globe are dying from pollution.

  4. Hi Gail.

    RE: 10 Activist Heroes, number 6 "Paul Shepard" is actually Paul Watson. According to his writing and documentaries about him and his organization, he split with Greenpeace many years ago and has been the head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since at least 1977.

    For more see the website, or watch the Whale Wars series or the docs "Eco Pirate" and/or "Pirate for the Sea"



    1. Thank you!! I really appreciate input and corrections!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful collection! Many of my already-favorites appear and I look forward to discovering yet others speaking the unthinkable truth. I always feel better understanding what is going on, however horrible it may be! Funny thing is I discovered your blog on my last day here in South Africa, and am returning to Canada today. :)

  6. recent interview on Climate Chronicles will prob bring much traffic to this site.
    Glad to see you included Timothy Garrett and thermodynamic limits to wealth. He deserves his one para, not subbing to Radio Ecoshock.
    Seems some entries are post 2014 eg ref to Uninhabitable Earth in NYM and Roy Scranton's book. are you still adding?
    Best compliment I can think of; now I have a place to send my millenial kids to read hwat they won't listen to from me!
    thanks, blessing,
    Old 99 Farm, Copetown (really), ON